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Q: Do the all blacks do the yo yo test before going to a match?
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When did the All blacks play there 1st test?

Australia 1884. This was the first ever NZRFU sanctioned test match

Who scored the most points agains the All Blacks in a rugby test match?

South africa

Where was the test match nz vs french team?

The first international between the newly named All Blacks (Formally the Natives) and France was played in Paris in 1903.The most recent test match between The All Blacks and France was played in Marseille, France on 28th of Novembe,r 2009. The All Blacks won 39-12.

Who has the highest number of test match for the all blacks?

Richie McCaw is the first ever All Black to play 100 test matches for the All Blacks. On 24th September 2011 at the Rugby World Cup 2011 he was awarded the first ever 'White Cap' for 100 test appearances for the All Blacks.

Who was the first all black captain?

Because the team did not play their first test until 1905 in the UK and at this point were nicknamed "The all Blacks" the record for captancy only started at this point - The Captain of the very first all blacks match was .. Rugby Hall of Fame inductee Dave Gallaher.

When was Shane Warne's first test match for Australia?

when was his first test match

When was Test Match Sofa created?

Test Match Sofa was created in 2009.

When was Test Match Special created?

Test Match Special was created in 1957.

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