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if the run scores from third before the runner at 2nd is declared out the run stands if not then no run....i.e. in anything highschool level and under to little league a startegy its to get into a rundown in between 1st and 2nd allowing the runner from third to score

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The runner on second base can be thrown out provided that first base is empty

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Yes, both runners may advance providing they both have tagged up following the catch.

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Q: Do runners at first and 3rd advance one base if a line drive is caught and in the process of doubling the runner off of first baseball is trown out of play?
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What is a basepath?

A basepath is a grassless area around a baseball diamond on which runners advance.

On offense can you advance on an infield fly rule?

Yes, the runners may advance at their own risk.

What Is A Balk: A Look Into The Most Complicated Baseball Term?

The official baseball rule book defines a balk as β€œan illegal act by the pitcher with a runner or runners on base, entitling all runners to advance one base.

Is the play dead if the ball hits the batter in fair territory. Can runners advance?

Yes the ball is dead, and no the runners cannot advance.

Can runners advance on a fly out with bases loaded?

Runners can attempt to advance on a fly out, provided that they tag up (touch the bade they are currently on after the ball is caught).

If baseball jersey hit by pitch called a hit by pitch?

Yes, this is covered by MLB rule 5.09(a): "The ball becomes dead and runners advance one base, or return to their bases, without liability to be put out, when -- (a) A pitched ball touches a batter, or his clothing, while in his legal batting position; runners, if forced, advance"

In slow pitch softball if the batter-runner is hit by his own batted ball while running to first base he is out can the runners on base advance or must they remain at their base?

batter is out, runners do not advance

How do runners advance on an overthrow?

In Major League Baseball: If the ball is live, they advance as far as they want at their own risk. If the ball is dead, the umpires will direct them to their appropriate base. Some leagues may have different rules governing this.

Can you advance on a caught foul ball?

Yes, once the foul ball is caught the runners can advance by tagging up

What is a bulk in baseball?

When a pitcher bulks he does an illegal pick-off move. All the runners on base advance a base when a bulk is call. The actual term for this scoring situation in baseball is actually "balk," not "bulk."

Can runners advance on wild pitch that goes out of play?

The runner is awarded one base

If you hit a ball to second base with runners on first and second base and both runners advance to the next base and the hitter gets thrown out is this a sacrifice?

No. A sacrifice is when the batter turns around to bunt and lets everyone on the defense know what they are going to do. The batter is 'sacrificing' (allowing the defense to get him/her out) so the runners can advance one base.