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no, they are categorized seperately

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Q: Do postseason hits count towards all-time hits in baseball?
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Does NFL post-season stats count towards a players career total?

No. Statistics are broken out by regular season and postseason. Yardage or interceptions or such that is done in the postseason will count towards that player's career postseason stats.

Does IBB count towards your OPS in baseball?


Do postseason points count for all time in the NBA?

Yes they do.

Do postseason hits count toward career totals?

Yes they do

Do postseason wins count in all time record in ncaa basketball?


Why do stats in the postseason not count towards a player's career stats?

Because otherwise it would be unfair to players who failed to make the postseason playoffs. An average player on a good team would be able to increase their stats, while a better player with the misfortune to be on a poor team could easily wind up with lower career stats.

What is a scrimmage in baseball?

A scrimmage is a game that doesn't count towards records or statistics. Like a practice game.

Do credits from custom challenges count towards your rank in halo reach?

Custom Games don't count towards your rank.

Does a pave low count towards your kill streak in modern warfare 2?

No, it does not count towards your kill streak. Chopper Gunner and AC130 do.

Does an overtime goal count in hockey towards a hat trick?

Yes, but not if the games goes into a Shoot-out. Shoot-out goals do not count towards a hattrick.

Will your religion mark count towards anything if you're moving from a Catholic to a public school?

Your theology grades will most likely not count towards anything in the public school unless they count it as an elective.

Do home runs in an all-star game count in career home runs?

No, the only home runs that would count towards career home runs are thise hit in regular season games. Home runs for all star games and postseason games are kept as separate statistics.