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No, neither post- nor preseason stats count towards season stats.

Preseason stats aren't counted for much of anything at all.

Post season stats are recorded separately.

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Q: Do post season at bats count as seasons plate appearances?
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Who had the most plate appearances in a season in the American League?

Through the 2009 season, that is Ichiro Suzuki of the Seattle Mariners with 762 plate appearances in the 2004 season.

How often did Babe Ruth strike out?

Once every eight plate appearances in the regular season. For Babe Ruth's career, he had 10,616 regular season plate appearances and 1,330 regular season strikeouts. In World Series play, he had 167 plate appearances and 30 strikeouts for an average of one strikeout every 5.6 plate appearances.

How many plate appearances does Derek Jeter have in his career?

Through the 2011 season, Derek Jeter has made 11,155plate appearances in his career.

How many times can a batter go up to bat in a season?

The number of plate appearances a batter can have in a season is totally dependent upon the number of games the team plays in a season, and if a player played the entire game in each of them. In Major League Baseball, each team plays 162 games. There are a minimum of 27 plate appearances for each team, so each position in the batting order would have a minimum of three plate appearances. (However, if the home team is ahead, they do not bat in the bottom of the 9th inning, so they would have potentially fewer plate appearances in those games, but let's ignore that for this exercise.) So, if a single, individual player played all nine innings of all 162 games, and came up to bat a minimum of 3 times per game, he would have a minimum of 486 plate appearances at the end of the season. Plate appearances are not the same thing as at-bats. If the batter reaches bases on a walk or is hit by a pitch, or if he sacrifices, it is a plate appearance, but it doesn't count as an at-bat in the statistics. According to, Hank Aaron averaged 606 plate appearances and 538 at-bats a season over his 23 season career, while Cal Ripken, Jr. averaged 613 plate appearances and 550 at-bats per season over the course of his 21 season career. These guys were both iron men, and probably averaged more plate appearances than current players do, but it's a good comparison. ----------

What is the minimum number of at bats to qualify for batting title?

There is no minimum number of at bats required but there is a minimum number of plate appearances required. MLB uses the formula of 3.1 times the number of games in the regular season to determine the minimum number of plate appearances required to qualify for the batting title. In a 162 game season, the minimum number of plate appearances needed is 502. Plate appearances are used instead of at bats because walks, hit by pitch, sacrifices, sacrifice flies, and catcher interference do not count as an at bat. It would be possible for a player who played a full season to have less than 502 at bats even though the player had well over 502 plate appearances. As an example, Barry Bonds won the NL batting title in 2004 at .362 but had only 373 at bats. This was because he was walked 232 times.

What is the minimum number of plate appearances required for MVP?

There is no official minimum for the MVP award. The minimum to qualify for the batting average title is 3.1 plate appearances per game, or 502 for the season. Regarding the MVP vote, more plate appearances give a player more opportunities to establish value, but there's no specific minimum for eligibility.

What was Yogi Berra's fewest strikeouts in a season?

12 in 656 plate appearances in the 1950 season. That season he batted .322 with 28 HRs, 124 RBIs, and 116 runs scored.

How many plate appearances are needed to win a major league batting title?

To qualify for the batting title, a major league player needs 3.1 plate appearances per game played. In a standard 162 game season, that comes out to 502 plate appearances. For a pitcher to qualify to the ERA title he needs one inning per game played.

Did Derek Jeter play in 2007?

Yes. Derek Jeter played in 156 games and had 714 plate appearances in the 2007 season.

Does a player with an existing hitting streak maintain that streak if he makes four plate appearances and walks each time?

Yes. A walk does not count as an "at-bat"

What does pa stand for in baseball?

Plate appearances

What is the difference between Total Plate Count and Aerobic mesophilic count?

The Total Plate Count is used to describe the counting that takes place in a plate. The Aerobic Mesophilic count refers to the total aerobic count in a given plate.

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