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Generally 400 but the amount has varied as the number of games played changes. For instance George Brett won the batting title with a .390 average in a strike shortened season. Nevertheless walks do not count, since they do not count as at bats. In the early 70s a player lost the batting crown with 399 at bats when 400 were required. This rule has changed however. Now, a player just short of the required at bats could ADD the number of hitless at bats (generally meaning walks) to the number of at bats which will permit the player to still win the batting crown as long as the average does not drop below the player just below him. ---- To win a batting title in MLB, a batter must have a minimum of 502 total plate appearences for the season. Yes, any at bat that results in a non-official at bat (walk, sacrifice, hit by pitch) counts towards the total number of plate appearances.

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There is no minimum number of at bats required but there is a minimum number of plate appearances required.

MLB uses the formula of 3.1 times the number of games in the regular season to determine the minimum number of plate appearances required to qualify for the batting title. In a 162 game season, the minimum number of plate appearances needed is 502.

Plate appearances are used instead of at bats because walks, hit by pitch, sacrifices, sacrifice flies, and catcher interference do not count as an at bat. It would be possible for a player who played a full season to have less than 502 at bats even though the player had well over 502 plate appearances. As an example, Barry Bonds won the NL batting title in 2004 at .362 but had only 373 at bats. This was because he was walked 232 times.

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Q: What is the minimum number of at bats to qualify for batting title?
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In baseball how does a pitcher qualify for an ERA or Wins title?

For a pitcher to qualify for an earned runs average or wins title in the MLB he must have a minimum of 1.0 innings pitched per game. Therefore he must have a minimum of 162.0 innings pitched for the season

How many at bats do you need to win a major league batting title?

"At least 502 official at bats are needed to qualify for a batting title. MLB uses a calculation of (number of games * 3.1) to determine the number. Since a full major season consists of 162 games, 162 multiplied by 3.1 equals 502." This is incorrect. MLB requires this many Plate Appearances to qualify, not at bats. A player could theoretically go 1-1, then get 501 walks, hit by pitches, and sacrifices to qualify. The correct answer for minimum AT BATS, to qualify: is 1. Even taking aside the semantics of PAs vs ABs, a player can still win the batting title with fewer than 502 PAs. If his average is high enough, that theoretically adding on extra outs till he would reach 502 and STILL be highest, he can still win it. [Or any other PA based stat like OBP, SLG, OPS]

How will Joe Mauer be able to qualify for the MLB batting title?

To qualify for a batting title, a player must have 502 plate appearances in a season. Through games played on May 30, Mauer has 122 and the Twins have 111 games left in the season. Barring injury, he should have no problem getting the remaining 380 plate appearances he needs to qualify.

Can you play in both leagues and win the batting title?

Yes. To win a league batting title, a player must have a minimum of 502 plate appearances. If a player has 502 or more plate appearances when he is traded to the other league and winds up in 1st place in batting average for the league he was traded from, he is awarded the league title. To win an MLB (both leagues) batting title, a player must have a minimum of 502 plate appearances combined in both leagues.

What is the lowest batting average for minimum number of plate appearances?

The dubious honor of the lowest batting average while still qualifying for the batting title belongs to Rob Deer. In 1991, playing for the Detroit Tigers, Deer batted .179 in 539 plate appearances.

What is the minimum number of plate appearances required for MVP?

To qualify for the batting title, a major league player needs 3.1 plate appearances per game played. In a standard 162 game season, that comes out to 502 plate appearances. For a pitcher to qualify to the ERA title he needs one inning per game played.

Who won the batting title in 1976?

Bill Madlock won the 1976 National League Batting title with a .339 batting average, and George Brett won the 1976 American League batting title with a .333 batting Average.

Does a car with salvage title qualify for CARS?

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Who won the first batting title?

In 1876 Ross Barnes won the first National League batting title with a .429 batting average.

Do Federal Graduate Plus Loans qualify under title IV?

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Who won batting title in American league in 2009?

Joe Mauer won the 2009 American League batting title with a .365 batting Average.

Who won the MLB 1928 batting title?

In 1928, Goose Goslin of the Washington Senators won the A.L. Batting Title with a .379 average. The National League winner was Rogers Hornsby of the Boston Braves with a .387 average.