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in my opinion pilates work outs do not always need balance. some of the workouts do require balance but some do not it is a matter of strengthening the balance that helps master pilates.

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Q: Do pilates workouts require balance
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What are some DVDs with flat stomach workouts for women?

The Firm has some great DVD workouts that focus on the abs. Pilates is great for te abs too and there are tons of Pilates DVD's on the market.

How can you get a six pack without going to the gym or using a machine?

Read about PILATES. Understand what you eat. Do cardio workouts, do PILATES.

Are there any other workouts similar to Pop Pilates?

Try Tone It Up the girls there are pretty similar to pop pilates.

What are some fat burning workouts?

Yoga Boxing Zumba Pilates

Who makes a box set of pilates DVD's that will challenge me in my workouts?

"Exhale: Core Fusion - Pilates Plus" is a DVD designed for a challenging pilates workout. It is done by Elizabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito.

Is it good to do pilates workouts?

Pilates is a good addition to a workout schedule to increase flexibility and mobility. It definitely has the potential to round out an otherwise pilate-less workout.

What are some of the most famous workouts presented by Mari Winsor Pilates?

Some of the most famous workouts presented by Mari Winsor Pilates are rapid fire routines. These type of routines combine resistance and cardio which helps you burn fat and build muscle.

What are some easy workouts at home that you can do within an hour?

You can do really easy workouts such as lunges or other certain stretches. Ab workouts are also super easy to do at home. Pilates is a great idea for in home use.

What are barre workouts like?

Most barre workouts are inspired by a combination of balet and pilates consisting of small movements and isometric holds. It may look easy, but it burns!