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"Exhale: Core Fusion - Pilates Plus" is a DVD designed for a challenging pilates workout. It is done by Elizabeth Halfpapp and Fred DeVito.

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Q: Who makes a box set of pilates DVD's that will challenge me in my workouts?
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What are some DVDs with flat stomach workouts for women?

The Firm has some great DVD workouts that focus on the abs. Pilates is great for te abs too and there are tons of Pilates DVD's on the market.

What are some highly recommended Pilates DVDs?

Some highly recommended Pilates DVDs include the Winsor Pilates, Pilates Core, and Pilates Workout for Dummies. These are three highly recommended Pilates DVDs.

What are some of the most popular pilates DVDs?

Winsor pilates has a large amount of DVDs that entail different types of pilates and those are probably the most poplular type. There are also ones by pilates for life that are popular.

Is there a variety of winsor Pilates dvds?

Yes, there is a variety of winsor Pilates dvds. There is the Basic, the 20 minutes workout, the Accelerated Body Sculpting the Flat Abs, the Cardio Pilates and many more! There is also a Pink Workout specific for women.

can I rent spinning dvds for free.?

If you have Netflix or Comcast on Demand, there are several spinning DVDs that you can access for free. You can also stream a good variety of workouts from Exercise TV. I'd recommend "Cycle Challenge with Robert Sherman" on Netflix.

Can pilates DVDs be purchased at Walgreens?

Pilates dvds can sometimes be purchased at walgreens but selection will be slim to none. For the best selection, purchase specialized dvd's from audio/video stores which have many such products.

What are the best Fitness DVDs?

There are a lot of different workouts. It depends on what you are looking for. Beachbody has good workouts such as P90X and Insanity. You can always go further back in time and try Taebo DVDs for a workout too.

What are some workouts with the bender ball?

The bender ball has a lot of work outs. I own the DVDs, so I can let you know what some of them are. They have many DVDs for different work outs. One DVD is just for Pilates workouts. It says on the back of the DVD box, that the work out is "a combination of balance and Leslee Bender's method of Selective Stabilization." Actually, there are 2 Pilates DVDs. I haven't done Pilates Revolution yet. There is another DVD that includes 2 workouts: Core Training and Buns & Thighs. I haven't looked at that one yet. There is one that is just to improve your tushie area -- the Better Booty Boot Camp. It is to help tone that area. That one stars with a warm up and then gets harder and it also uses her Selective Stabilization. There are even a few more to cover your total body workout. They all use the bender ball in different ways. Copyright forbids anyone from actually describing how to do the exercises, and I don't want to be held accountable if you do them wrong. You can order the DVDs yourself at, and there is a little piece of the video on their site.

Does Wal-Mart sell winsor Pilates dvds at a competitive price?

Yes! They do and it is relatively cheaper than buying directly from Winsor Pilates. They are around $10 if you check out

Where can I buy Winsor Pilates DVDS online?

You can find and purchase just about anything online. To purchase Windsor Pilates is a good place to start. Also or is another cheaper alternative.

What are some good exercise ball workouts that I can do with my newborn at home?

There are some great mom and baby workout DVDs that can be used at home. Baby Om is a popular program that offers a variety of baby and mom yoga workouts.

Are there any Fitness DVD which are very effective in keeping me fit?

There are a great deal of Fitness DVDs that can help you to stay fit. Many celebrities as well as personal trainers have their own workouts. Their are also DVDs for certain areas of the body.