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What kind of stupid question is that you can play hockey anywhere with anything

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Q: Do people play hockey in the island of Malta?
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Do people in Newfoundland play hockey?

yes people in Newfoundland do play hockey

Why hockey is useful?

it entertains people and people who play hockey get really strong and fit

Where do they play ice hockey?

people play ice hockey in an ice rink.

How many Canadians play hockey?

at least 5 000 000 people play hockey

Where did the tempest occur?

Do you mean the play, or the storm which starts the play? Either way, it is an island in the Mediterranean somewhere, possibly near Malta.

What sports do people play in the winter?

People play hockey in the winter.

How many persons comprise a hockey team What position do they play?

How many people comprise a hockey team what position do they play

How many people play ice hockey in America?

Not that many but there are a lot of ice hockey teams that play for the nhl.

Where do people play hockey?

Because its a fun sport to play?

Do french people play field hockey?

yes, most people in France and Europe play field hockey, because it's popular in their culture and history.

What would people call hockey if hockey pucks weren't invented?

Hockey. Pucks were invented for ice hockey, and if it hadn't developed, more people would simply play field hockey (the original way of playing hockey).

Is hockey a year around sport?

it can be. usually though most people play ice hockey in the winter and only seldomly play road/ roller hockey in the summer

How many seasons are there in hockey?

There are 2 winter hockey (field hockey) wich most people play and there is summer hockey but in Perth I would recommend don't play in the summer you will be like a sizzling sausage

Were do people play hockey?

At ice rinks

Do people play hockey in Tunisia?


Can black people play hockey?

Yes why not ?

What sports do Calgary people play?


How did they invented hockey?

people would play hockey with a stick and a rock shuffling it around like in hockey. hope this helps

Why do people play hockey in winter?

People play hockey in the winter, because the ice surface required is easier to maintain, both outdoors and indoors, in the colder temperatures of winter.

How many people play Fantasy Hockey worldwide?

about 40,000,000 people

What sports do people play in Italy?

they play baseball softball hockey and tennis.

What sports do Nunavut people play?

They play Ice Hockey and Lacrosse alot

How many people play ice hockey on weekends in league play?


Why do people play hockey?

For fun with there friends or to win

How many people play hockey in India?