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either football, that is American football or English football, both are more popular than tennis.

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Q: Do more people watch tennis or football?
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Do more peoplE watch football than any other sport?

Football as in "soccer"? yes.

Is it true that more people go fishing than watch football?

No, more people watch Football every year than go fishing. Fishing is a hobby while watching football is considered a necessity for some men out there.

Which sports needs more energy among football and tennis?


What is the Percent of soccer fans vs football fans?

Worldwide, there are literally billions more people who play and watch football than those who watch American football. The US is the only country where American football is more popular than football.

Is football the American Pastime?

no its baseball, but people watch football more often. Plus, more people will show up to the Superbowl than the World Series.

Is tennis more popular tha baseball and football?


Does baseball make more money than football?

You would think that football is. But if you look at the whole picture they are about the same. Yeah people watch football more then baseball, but there is also baseball that people watch. But I also think that football gets a little more money because it the seats in the stadium are probably more then in baseball. But who knows. I think that they are the same.

What is the most watch sport in the worldsoccer or football?

Soccer is watched more because football only comes on once a week. Most people I know watch baseball more than soccer or football because there are so many more games a year.

Which one is the most popular football or fishing?

2 billion people watch and play football but only about 3-4 million people go fishing and so football is more popular

What sport do more people watch?

football Depends on city and one thing I know of is more popular: Dog shows

Do more people watch tennis or golf?

Tennis is better than golf because, tennis has more players and by far more courts. Tennis has more viewers in all grand slams compared to golfs majors. Tennis also has more youth players than golf playing daily

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