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Which sport combined the games of handball and squash

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Q: Do men and women use the same tennis balls?
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Is there any difference between the tennis balls made for women's tournament play and men's tournament play?


Is the basketball hoop the same size for women and men basketball?

Yes, the ring is the same size for women as for men. However, women use smaller balls.

Are men's tennis balls heavier than womens?

No. They weigh the same amount and are the basically the same kind of tennis balls you can pick up at wal-mart or the like. Te only difference is that they use different kinds of tennis balls depending on what surface they are playing on. So, the balls they played with during the French Open are not the same kind they would use during the US Open or Wimbledon. Even then, the guys and the gals use the same type of balls. No difference in weight, size, or texture.

What organizations represents men's professional tennis and womens professional tennis?

Men's tennis organisation: ATP Women's tennis organisation: WTA

Is tennis played by men and woman?

yes. but women cant play men. women play women and men play men

What sports do women get paid the same amount as men?

Very recently Wimbeldon and French tennis championships.

What female has won the most Grand Slams in men's tennis?

er - women do not play men's tennis

How long does a tennis game last for?

Women's Tennis Matches consist of 6 games in a set and best of 3 sets. Men's Tennis is the same however in Grand Slams for men it is best of 5 sets,this is the same in the Davis Cup. You need to win 4 points to win a game of Tennis.

Which olympic event do men and women compete together?

Men and women compete together in equestrian events, mixed doubles (tennis, badminton, table tennis).

Do men and women play table tennis?

Yes, table tennis is a unisex sport

Do men and women play tennis?

Yes of course. There are so many women tennis players like Sania Mirza.

How many guys play tennis?

Many men play tennis, it is a popular sport among both men and women.

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