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Yes, because when you squat alot your bones get compact and you will eventually stop growing

If you are still growing now, lifting heavy weights won't actually stop you from growing so much as cause joint, muscular, skeletal, and general problems with your physical development.

Young people still developing shouldn't attempt weights until it's certain they've stopped growing. The complications from weighlifting at too early an age can be absolutely miserable: better to be taller than you might like than in pain and with restricted movement.

If you feel you are too tall, try concentrating on being as healthy as possible so that you look really good, even if you'd like to be shorter. As you mature you'll quite likely discover all kinds of advantages to being tall.

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Q: Do lifting heavy weights stop you from growing?
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Can people stop growing taller by lifting weights?

People do not stop growing by lifting weights. It was believed that weight lifting damaged the growth plates and stunted growth. It CAN happen, but only with very heavy weights, such as sets of 3-5 reps. They say no one should do HEAVY weights until they are 18, or fully grown.

Is it true that if you start lifting weights at the ag of 13 - 15 that you can stop growing?

No way!

I'm Eleven and I'm quite tall and strong. I want to do weights but Im afraid I'll stop growing. Is it ok to lift weights when your eleven?

I'm 13 and I've been lifting heavy weights for a year and it hasn't stunted my growth so you will be fine

Does exercise stop you from growing?

Exercise does not stop you growing. Running,cycling, swimming etc are all healthy examples of exercise and don't stunt your growth. Lifting excessively heavy weights at a young age (12-14ish) however, can stunt your growth and effect the development of your arm muscles and bones. If you plan on lifting weights at an early age you should ask your trainer/coach for advice and stick with smaller weights. To be honest, I would just recommend push-ups, pull-ups etc.

Why is it bad to do weights as a tennager?

Because teenagers are still growing and lifting weights can stop their growth. If you start bodybuilding, then be careful and consult a doctor when you feel something is not right. Don't hurt yourself.

Does going to the gym and lifting weights stop height growth?


Why have coaches tried to keep their athletes from lifting weights?

because lifting can cause growth to stop in your bone structure

Does Lifting waits stop your growth spert?

Contrary to popular belief, lifting weights while you are still growing does not stunt growth. It was believed that breaking a bone could damage the ends of the bones that are still growing, but this is not the case. Strength training has only benefits, if done correctly, whether you are young or old.

You started lifting weights and you messed your shot up how do you get it back?

If you started lifting weights and you messed your shot up, it would be ideal to slowly work yourself back to where you were. Exercise and lift weights to help bring your body back to where it needs to be, slowly.

Does height stops if you do push ups?

no push ups and any other workout will not stop ur height. only if you wre 2 lift heavy weights thn u would stop growing.

Will your height stop if you lift weight over your head?

There is no scientific evidence that lifting weights can reduce your growth rate.

Can a 15-year-old boy do practice in the gym or will it stop growth?

Lifting weights and doing cardio will never stop your growth it will actually help it. The hormone (GH) or Growth Hormone is produced from lifting weights because you are triggering the pituitary gland to produce the hormone from the exercise. Same goes with cardio. working out in the gym or running will not stunt your growth.