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Yes, the libero can serve in volleyball. However, they can only serve for one position. Once the libero serves in a particular position in a game that is the only position where the libero is allowed to serve. However, the libero is not required to serve in that position for all subsequent rotations.

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Q: Do libero positions serve in volleyball?
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What is the volleyball positions?

There are 5 positions: setter, middle, offset, middle, power and libero

Is a libero in volleyball allowed to set?

Yes, the libero can set. However the libero may not block, attempt to block, or serve.

Does a libero in volleyball has to change the position after every serve won?


What are the players positions on a volleyball team?

the positions for volleyball are libero, setter, d.s., outside, middle, and right attacker, second setter, and blockers

What are the volleyball positions?

setter, libero, defensive specialist, outside hitter, opposite, middle blocker

Is there a libero position in men's volleyball?

Yes there is a libero in men's volleyball.

What are the names of volleyball positions?

setter, sub-set, blocker, spiker, sub-spike, libero(optional)

Can the 2 middles switch their position in volleyball?

Yes they can. If you only have 2 middles, but you have a libero, you can put the libero in to serve for one middle and have the other middle sub out for the middle that didn't serve.

Why does the libero wear a different color top?

The Libero in Volleyball is like a GoalKeeper in Soccer, The Libero is the most skilled defender in Volleyball. And in the rules of volleyball the Libero must wear a contrasting outfit to the team

What are the names of the positions in girl's volleyball?

libero, outside hitter, middle blocker, opposite, setter, back row

What is the other term for defense specialist in volleyball?

Libero Libero

Do you have to have a libero in volleyball?

No you do not need a libero in volleyball. During the 2012 club volleyball season teams will be allowed to have up to two liberos.

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