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Q: Do injured NFL players get paid?
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Do NFL players get paid while injured?


Is a football player on IR paid?

NFL Players who are put on the IR (injured reserve) are paid.

Do NFL players get paid when they are injured and can't play?

Yes, the same way normal guys get workman's compensation if they are injured on the job.

If an NFL Player sits out a game due to an injury does he get paid for that game?

NFL Players don't get payed per game. They get a contract for a certain amount of years and get payed injured or not.

Do players get paid on injured reserve?

Yes, players on the injured reserve receive a salary.

Do NFL players get paid while on suspension?

Typically, NFL players don't get paid to play basketball.

How are NFL players paid?

NFL players get paid after each game or season. The contracts are based on the teams and players agent agreement. Minimum salary per year in the NFL is $300,000.

How many players in the NFL have been on the injured list for the year 2006-2007?

how many players get injured in a year in professional football

Who gets paid more nhl or NFL players?

football players get paid more

Do football players get paid while injured?


How often do NFL players get paid?

Football players get paid every week, the amount depends on the players' salaries.

What sports has the highs pay players in the world?

It depends. Some players in the nfl are paid higher than the players in the mlb. Some players in the mlb are higher paid than players in the nfl. It all depends on the player.

How much do NFL players get paid for probowl?

NFL players don't get paid to play in the Probowl, but some have it written into their contracts that the get bonuses for being chosen.

What percentage of NFL players get injured?

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What percentage of NFL players get injured in one season?


Do the players still get paid if they are on the injured list?


Do basketball players get paid when they are injured?

workmens comp

What do NFL practice squad players get paid?

They get paid $5,000 a week

How much nfl player get paid per touchdown?

NFL players do not get paid extra money they only Can get endoursments

Who is the highest paid player in the NFL 2010?

Here is a list for the top 15 highest paid NFL players for the 2010 season, with Peyton Manning on top.

Do injured soccer players get paid?

yes...just not as much.

Do NFL players get paid for interviews?

Yes, they do.

Are NFL tryout players paid?


Does nfl players still get paid if there is a lockout?

No they do not.

How may football players get injured a year?

On Average since 2010 around 400 football players in the NFL get injured, though there may have been many more injuries that haven't been reported, as the 400 are from the NFL injury reports.