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I'm an Alabama All State NCAA Wrestling champion and I'll be honest, you can wear a cup but it's not suggested because it can affect certain movements and it can actually hurt you more than help.

I always wear a jockstrap and cup for EVERY sport. I play Baseball, football, and hockey, as well. For wrestling I wear a soft cup brief that does not interfere and is also relatively unnoticeable if that bothers you. The soft cup is nice since it is flexible but also protects you.

I agree with the previous poster in that I also wear a cup and jock for every sport whether required or not. I feel it gives me the confidence and edge to play all-out without having to worry.

I have been wrestling since age twelve. My first coach insisted that we wear a cup and I have ever since. I am now a senior in H.S. It gives me a peace of mind. I have friends who wrestle and do not wear one and they have been injured.

I have been wrestling since 11 and on my first wrestling practice the first thing I asked him was if we had two wear a cup and he said that it is not needed. But if you want to wear one then that's your choice.

Nope never, jockstrap or brief only.

I am a senior this year and no one wears a cup on my team. Most everyone wears briefs. And yeah you can get hurt there. Freshman year I was in a tournament and got hit there. I took my medical but had to forfeit. It hurt so bad I couldn't continue.

In most cases a cup would create an unsightly bulge in a wrestling singlet, and cups are generally never worn, except perhaps by one organ athletes. Not to say they wouldn't come in handy, as it seems in every tournament you will witness at least one victim curled up on the mat clutching his groin.

I have to admit that yes I did wear a cup for wrestling (as well as for every sport). Like a previous post stated, it gave me the confidence to go all out in whatever I did. That said, it certainly wasn't common to wear a cup for wrestling.

Soft jock strap under the singlet every time.

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Rules are set by the states, but I'd be very surprised if a cup was not required by any organization.

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A cup isn't required by most high schools. We weren't required to wear one although I always did.

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some do some don't depending on position and if they want to or not

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it depends whether your area is sensitive but I recommend wearing them just in case. So it just depends on how sensitve your area is. O.o

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Q: Do high school wrestlers wear a cup?
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Should you wear a cup in high school?

If you are playing a sport where groin injury is a possibility, then you should always wear a cup during practice and competition. This has nothing to do with age, and everything to do with preventing an accident.

What do wrestlers where under their long tights?

Usually a jock strap (with no cup), or underwear, or both. ________________________________________________________________ I believe you are only supposed to wear compression shorts. Those are the shorts that are very tight and insulated so you don't sweat so much. At my school you are not allowed to wear a cup because it could really harm the other wrestler.

Should you wear a cup in middle school soccer?

A cup is better worn than a plate. Good luck. Defense!

Who won Manning Cup in 2005?

Calabar High School won the Manning Cup in 2005.

Do high school football players wear jockstraps?

Absolutely. My coach sent kids home if they didn't have one. Unfortunately not all high school football players wear a jockstrap. Keep in mind the difference between a jockstrap and a cup/cup supporter or cup jock. As players go from youth leagues into high school fewer of them wear a cup and supporter and more go to wearing a regular jockstrap. As a supplier of performance and protective apparel to schools and leagues I have seen an increase in the number of schools providing, requiring, or at least recommending that players wear a jockstrap in the last couple of years (it had been on a decline for 15 years). A jockstrap is the single most important piece of performance/protective apparel a football player can wear. A jockstrap will provide support and proper positioning for the testicles. A jockstrap is much cooler that cotton underwear or even compression shorts and harbors much less bacteria than underwear. Although a regular jockstrap will not prevent injury from a direct impact, it will reduce the damage done from such an impact by the fact that it keeps the testicle in the right position to retract into the abdoman minimizing damage. A jockstrap will increase testosterone production and thus adrenaline levels by maximizing blood flow and efficiency in the testes. As far as the schools and leagues I deal with I would guestimate that about 30-35% of high school players wear a jock, 60-70% of college football players and 80+% of pro players. Cup and cup supporters are probably at less than 5% of high school football players, 30-35% of middle school/junior high players and close to 50% of youth league (it is 50% of the teams require them not 50% on each team wear them-when required-those teams have better than 80% of the players wearing them). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But i disagree, i play high school football and im a sophomore. Well i remember in middle school coach said "i did not wear one we can't make you wear one " So i never wore one, but its at your own risk. You either wear it and feel uncomfortable and safe or dont wear one and be faster. I remember in pee wee we had to wear one but coaches don't make you.

Do NFL players have to wear cup protection?

Yes we do wear cups

Should you wear a cup for water polo?

Yes, I am a diver and believe me YOU NEED A CUP. Especially if you are a beginner you are going to need protection for your testicles. The best way to wear it is if you wear a speedo wear two speedos and put the cup inbetween. If you wear a jammer, first put on a speedo, then put on a jockstrap and put the cup inbetween. Then just put your jammer on over it. If you really don't care what you look like than put on compression shorts then a cup the the jammer and on the outside put on a jockstrap. The cup that I like best is the Nutty Buddy it protects and supports your balls.

Will there ever be more ouran high school host cup books or episodes?

no, they are both finished.

Other than a jockstraps do football players wear underwear while they play?

They wear compression shorts (spandex) with pockets in them so the can put their cup in it

What do wrestlers wear under a singlet as the privates show a lot? that's all you can wear under clothes! If you mean what do they wear under their ring attire, then some wear athletic supports (jockstrap) some wear normal undercrackers and some wear nothing......I'd say the ones that wear the tight leather/pvc shorts probably use a lot of talcum powder tho!

Do you wear a cup for tennis?

No, you do not wear a cup for tennis. It limits your mobility in certain situations, and is not necessary.

Your 11 yr old son says the other boys don't wear a cup playing tackle football so he doesn't want to either. Can anyone explain why or why not a cup should be used?

When I was young my coaches told us a cup was not necessary for football but it was manditory to wear something for support (a jock strap/athletic supporter). it is more important in baseball to wear a cup because the baseballs are thrown and hit at high speeds.