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Golfers do notnecessarilyhave to, but usually, people go from beginning to end, not the middle of the end to the middle, then skipping a few, and getting where you want to. It is easier to go in order, because if you go from hole 2 to 8, then 14, then go to 3, it takes a longtime to get from hole to hole.

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In a stroke play event it is completely up to the tournamet organisers, they can start the play off on any hole they want. However, it is usually the 18th.

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Q: Do golfers have to start at hole 1?
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Estimation and how hard should they swing and their angle from the hole and ball Answer Golfers have to add up their shots to find the total for a given hole, and then add all those to find the total number of shots for the round.

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