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Because there's a hole in one .

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Q: Why do golfers wear loud trousers?
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Why do golfers where special shoes?

most golfers just wear it for fashions and shoe contracts

What are the trousers JLS wear called?

They wear jeans.

What can a women wear that has eight letter's and it finishes with an S?

Trousers and its not Trousers or Trainers

Can girls wear trousers?


What did the Brazilian wear?

baggy trousers

What safety equipment do golfers wear?

Gloves and spikes are about the only equipment they wear

Why do cooks wear Blue checkered trousers?

They wear jumpers

What do 13th colony merchants wear?

they wear trousers and stockings

What is another name for trunks?

If you are talking bout swim wear or under wear it would be called trousers... If not then i dont know I hope it was trousers.

Why wear a golf cap?

Golfers wear hats as it keeps the sun off their face and can help keep the sun out of their eyes. Professional golfers wear hats because their sponsors can have some more advertising space.

What colour trousers does Freddy wear?

Freddy usually wears brown trousers.

Did ladies wear trousers in Tudor times?