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same level of what?!?

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Q: Do girls and boys play on the same level?
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Why should boys and girls play same games?

Because it wouldn't be fair if the girls play soccer and the boys can't

Should girls play the same sports as boys?


How do you play girls lacrosse?

The same way you play boys lacrosse

Why should boys and girls play on the same team?

yes if the girls are hot blondes

Does an age level include all boys or girls born in the same year?

same year

Why boys and girls should not play on the same sports team?

Boys and girls shouldn't play on the same team because boys would most likely be more aggressive then the girls, so the girls would get injured. Also because if the boys and girls are teenagers the boys would most likely be more fit and athletic so they would over power the girls and it wouldn't be fair to them.

Are fifteen-year-old girls on the same level of maturity as boys their own age?

No girls always mature faster then boys its a proven fact

Are boys and girls allowed to play on the same team sports in qatar?

i belive they do.

Is Co-Ed soccer when girls and boys play on the same team?


Why should girls get the same amount of funding as boys in sports at high school and college level?

Because girls are just as good as boys. And there should be no discrimination whether it is between girls and boys or anything.

Should girls and boys be on the same team?

Absoloutly. Girls and boys should be treeted as equals, therfor if the team is REP or an AAA team, than girls and boys should be aloud to play on the same team. Girls on my team can beet up any boys team our age. Why Not?

How can boys love boys?

Boys love boys the same way girls love boys and boys love girls. It's simple, they are just attracted to one another. How can girls love boys and how can boys love girls? Same answer.

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