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yes you can get figure skates but you can also figure skate in normal skates aswell xx

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Q: Do figure skaters need a different kind of skates?
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What kind of equipment do you need for figure skating?

Skates. That's why it's called figure skating. What did you expect?

What kind of costumes do male figure skaters wear?

They wear exactly what men wear when the tango.

Give the different kind of figure of speech?

give the different kind of figure speech

How many kinds of roller skates are there?

Generally, there are two main kinds of roller skates: in-lines and quads. In-lines are made for speed, and quads are made for performing tricks. There are several classifications of skates: One kind of skates are 'aggressive' skates. These have hard boots and small wheels. These are used for dangerous stunts such as hand rail slides or stair jumps. Generally, only extremely advanced skaters use these skates. On the other hand, 'recreational skates' are generally used for beginners. They are built for comfort and durability. These are often confused with 'fitness' skates, which are reserved for those who Rollerblade often. There is another group of skates, called 'speed' skates. Their design varies, but they are generally used for sports.

What kind of skates does Zach praise wear?

easton stealth rs skates

What kind of jumps do figure skaters do?

the AxelSalchowLutzLoopToe LoopFlipAll of the jumps can be done/attempted as a single, double, triple, or quad. These jumps can also be done in sequence or combination.

Which of the following is true about inline skates?

They were the first kind of roller skates to be invented, and were later repurposed as Rollerblades.

What kind of skates does iginla wear?


What kind of simple machine is a skates?

wheel and axle

Which kind of board for skaters is better?

Baker, Element, Zero, Mystery

Describe different kind of fusing machines with figure?

Fusing machine

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