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Q: Do boys or girls recouperat faster when playing sports?
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How do girls get abs?

By working out and playing sports!

What all activities do the girls do when they are playing?

all sports

Do girls wear body protection playing sports?


What are the good and bad benefits of playing sports?

U can get the girls

Why do girl try there best at playing sports?

Girls, like boys, can be competitive, which is why they try their best at playing sports. Everyone enjoys winning.

Why aren't girls physically capable of playing male sports?

Girls play male sports all the time you just don't see it often

Do guys like playing physical sports with girls for fun?

a lot of guys like playing sports anyway, but playing sports with girls can be fun because when guys play sports with each other there is usually an awful amount of competition that isn't usually there when they play with girls (must be something to do with how men and women interact or something I'm not sure). as a guy that doesn't usually enjoy playing physically sports, playing physical sports with girls is a lot of fun because I find it's more about fun and not all about competition and what not. there's often an added benefit of 'getting physical' if you will, with the opposite sex, that most men enjoy.

Who has faster reflexes boys or girls?

You can not tell who has faster reflexes, it has not been proven anywhere.But i think it is boys who have faster reflexes because they play more sports and video games. :P

How are sports important to girls?

Sports/exercising is important to everyone, not just guys. Girls need to be healthy too. Sports are important to girls because they can help burn carbohydrates, which is great for everyone. Sports can also be a big part of a girl's life. like guys, girls also enjoy playing sports. being healthy is great, and so is being active! THAT'S why sports are important to girls. Also sports is a great way to socialize with people and to make friends which a lot of girls like to do. Hope this helps!!! :)

Who is faster girls or boys?

Boys and girls can be the same speed, it depends on how nimble they are.

Are girls better at playing boy sports?

While girls are great athletes, no scientific evidence shows that they are better than boys in sports. It simply depends on the athlete and their physical abilities.

Do guys like girls who play sports?

Some guys find playing sports an attractive characteristic in a girl, but sadly, some boys feel that girls who play sports aren't feminine enough or feel threatened by her ability.

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