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in some people yes from what ive found it cause the codon chain to ignore any amounts of distrophin which destroys muscle and the codon chain is fully read some times even repeated it was only affective 10% of the time in people with muscular distrophy. so if your body haapens to react the same way the 10% did your codon chains should be read twice which in a way is how steroids work in rRNA and over consumption of protiens in the cell.

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The use of antibiotics may have particular influences on sport performance or exercise.

  • Many antibiotics will cause diarrhea due to changes in the normal bacteria levels in the stomach and intestines. Diarrhea during sport or exercise can not only be annoying, but may increase the risk of fluid loss and dehydration. The use of probiotics (yogurt with live cultures can be a good source) may reduce the risk of diarrhea associated with antibiotic use.
  • A certain class of antibiotics, called the fluroquinolones- may cause problems with tendons (soft tissue structures that connect muscles to bones). These issues may range from pain and discomfort to complete tears in the tendon. Using alternative classes of antibiotics and avoiding use of fluroquinolones- unless absolutely necessary- can reduce the risk of tendon damage, especially in jumping or sprinting activities.
  • The sulfa-based class of antibiotics has a higher possibility of increasing sun sensitivity leading to sunburn and heat-related health concerns. Appropriate sun protection (hats, clothing, sunscreen) is an absolute must- and should already be a regular habit for all outdoor sport activities. Damaged skin from sunburn is at higher risk of infection, especially in contact/collision sports. Heat stress, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke are less common but potentially more serious consequences of sun sensitivity. If taking sulfa-based antibiotics, reduced amount and intensity of exercise along with appropriate fluid intake and sun protection (there it is again) are sensible recommendations.
  • The use of any medicine- including antibiotics- may cause side effects such as stomach upset, headache, dizziness, or fatigue that could have negative influences on sports performance. These issues are most commonly seen in the first 2-3 days after starting a new medication.
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Antibiotics can slow an athletes performance down.

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Q: Do antibiotics affect sports performance
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