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yes it doesype your answer here...

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Q: Do Recreational drugs affect sports performance?
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How do drugs affect sports performance?

It is not good for you.

What drugs factors can affect sports training and performance?


How does taking drugs affect your sporting performance in football?

Depends on which drug it is. But pretty much all organized sports have bans against both recreational and performance enhancing drug, so if you get caught with those you won't be allowed to participate. And that would really affect your performance.

How do drugs affect sport performance answer for this question?

Drugs effect nerves in your body that can paralyze you so you wouldn't be able to play sports

What drugs affect sport performance?

ALL DRUGS will affect your performance in some sort of way.

What are the effect of drugs in sport performance?

One needs to be more specific. Which aspect of sports performance? Which sports.

How does drugs affect your performance in sports?

because it take advatage of the other player you suppose to be fair and play by the rules

How can recreational drugs affect the respiratory system?

don't have a clue

Do drugs have an impact on sports performance?


What are the effect of drugs in sports?

One needs to be more specific. Which aspect of sports performance? Which sports.

How do illicit drugs affect sport performance?

The reasons for the ban are mainly the alleged health risks of performance-enhancing drugs, the equality of opportunity for athletes, and the alleged exemplary effect of "clean" ("doping-free") sports for the public.

Why do drugs affect sport performance?

Damon salvatore!

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