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Yes-plays for the detriot lions

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Q: Do Michael Jordon still play basketball?
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Why did Michael Jordon start basketball?

Well he allowed loved to play. So basically sense the time he could walk.

Does Michael Jordan still play?

No of course Michael Jordan cannot play professional basketball anymore coz his to old enough to play basketball

Who did Michael jordon play for?

North Carolina, followed by the Chicago Bulls.

What is Michael Jordan's favorite hobby?

to play Basketball

What NBA teams did Michael Jordon play for?

Michael Jordan played for the University of North Carolina. Then he went on to play for the Chicago Bulls!Michael jeffery jordon was born on february 17 1973 in Brooklyn New York

Was Michael Jordan the first African American to play basketball?

Yes Michael Jordan was the first african-american to play basketball

Who supported Michael Jordan with basketball?

I did, when he was a child i inspired him to play basketball

What did Michael Jordan do for enjoyment?

play basketball

What did Michael Jordan do well?

Play basketball

Does magic Johnson still play basketball?

No. Michael Jordan doesnt play ball anymore, but im pretty sure he has something to do with the NBA

What season did Michael Jordan play basketball in?


Who is the best basketball play in the world?

Michael Jordan