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Q: Do Football soccer stadiums have Out-of-town Scoreboards?
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How many soccer stadiums are in Spain?

There are 96 official football stadiums in Spain. Apart from these, there are many other unofficial and small stadiums.

How many stadiums in Mexico?

There are over 113 stadiums for professional sports in Mexico:46 Football (soccer) stadiums27 Baseball stadiums16 auto racing stadiums9 American Football stadiums9 Bullfighting stadiums6 Multi-purpose stadiums

The top ten highest capacity soccer stadiums in the world?

i don't know what soccer is ??? Here in Europe it's called football.. !

Best soccer stadiums in the world?

San Siro in Italy. Is the best soccer stadiums in the world

What was the stadioum for soccer like when it was first stared?

Stadiums for soccer were very different when soccer first started. They nowhere near as large and spacious as today's stadiums nor as glamourous to look at. They mainly consisted of some area for the spectator's to sit/stand and included the football pitch.

How long have they used the light in Sport stadiums?

Floodlights were experimented in Football(Soccer) arount 1878 and they were started in cricket,rugby,Australian rules football arount 1952

How much percent watch soccer in England?

In England all the stadiums are packed , more then 60 or 70 percent watch football.

Where in south Africa do they play soccer?

In football stadiums,pitches the streets playgerounds gardens.... basically anywere you would play it they play it

How many people play soccer in Canada?

About 2.6 million people played soccer in Canada in any given year. Many of the stadiums in Canada serve as both Canadian football and soccer fields.

Where is the soccer stadium located at in the us?

There are lots of soccer stadiums in the USA

How many stadiums are needed for a soccer world cup?

A minimum of eight stadiums are needed.

How many soccer stadiums are there in the world?

a lot

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