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There are Baseball stadiums in England, though they are not of the stature of those located in the United States. Baseball is not as popular a sport in England, taking a lower place after Football (soccer) and Rugby. Prior to World War 2, baseball clubs shared playing grounds with football clubs, but now many of the baseball clubs in England have their own stadiums.

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Q: Are there any baseball stadiums in England?
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I am unsure of all the stadiums in England but i think one of the best is Lords.

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Nationals Park (Washington Nationals)

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Wembley Stadium 90,000 London, England is first

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30. Large gil gil

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The average cost for a college baseball stadium can range between $20 to $40 million. This is low compared to Major League stadiums.

Why do the size and shape of a baseball field vary from stadium to stadium?

There originally was no regulations for dimensions for stadiums and since there used to be no commissioner of baseball nobody made any rules. So by the time there was a commissioner all the stadiums were already built and he probably didn't want to go through all the trouble of rebuilding all the stadiums since, it wasn't that big of a deal.

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