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The disadvantages of playing sports as a girl are being stereotyped for one. Also you risk being considered inferior to the males.

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Q: Disadvantages of being a girl and playing sport?
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Is it true that playing both boy and girl sports gives you more strength?

it depends on what a "boy sport or girl sport". But yes!! every sport can build your muscles up.

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you probeble think sees prety and like sports to.

If a girl has bleeding by athletic then how would a guy know that's she is still virgin or not?

Well you cant tell just because shes bleeding by playing a sport there are many reasons why a girl can be bleeding. Like a period or in some cases girl can break their hymen with is a thing that looks like a ring protecting the vigina. Just by playing a sport. It can break it by playing sports or by losing their virginity. Because it a torn piece of skin. But you cant know if a girl is virgin just because of her bleeding.

Is gymnastics a boy or a girl sport?

gymnastics is both a girl and boy sport

What sport shold a girl do?

Any sport she wants to do...

What is the best way to get taller I'm fiveteen and I'm a girl?

i think playing lots of sport's, like mostly basketball i guess my big brother use to be short and he started playing basketball and he got taller

Can baseball be a girl's sport too?

Yes baseball can be a girl sport too.I have a lot of freinds who play baseball.

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Is volleyball more of a boys sport?

No volleyball is mainly a girl sport like football is mainly a guy sport. Sometimes guys can play volleyball but for the most part it's girl.

Do you choose a girl or a sport?

It depends what type of girl. Put it like this: A sport will entertain you, play with you, and never get bored of you. A girl will entertain you sometimes, play with you sometimes, and never get bored of you sometimes. IF she is a nice girl who you know will stick by your side and your deeply in love with then go for the girl mate. Think of sport as a 2nd option.

How do you attract tomboy girl?

I'm a tomboy, this is my advice tomboys like sports, so if your playing a sport let her play, it will make her feel happy to be needed

Is gymnastics a girl sport?


What are super awesome girl sports?

Any sport is a girl sport, some exzamples are volleyball, crew, softball, trak, basketball and so on.

What sport is the best sport for a broad hip girl?

The one she enjoys most.

We need help with an essay on should boy's and girl's play on the same sport team?

Well from my point of veiw of boy's and girls playing together I think yes they should be able to! They both can develop healthy relationships of working together instead of being against eachother!

How are girls sports different from boy sports?

For the most part they aren't different. The only difference is the gender, if your talking specifically a girl sport versus a guy sport. Without naming a specific sport majority of the rules are the exact same 99% of the time. The only difference is size between the two genders. With size comes advantages and disadvantages other than that I don't see any difference

What is a cool sport?

A cool sport is football; If your looking to impress a girl. But, If your'e not, a cool sport is what sport you like best.

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Girl Code - 2013 Experimentation Playing Sports Fathers Being Crazy and Ending a First Date 1-12 was released on: USA: 28 May 2013

What was Laura Ingalls Wilder's favorite sport?

As a girl, Laura enjoyed all playground games and sports of her era: "Prisoner's Base" being a favorite of hers. Past adolescence, Laura did not partake of - or have any interest in - any sport (neither did Almanzo).

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What is the poperlelest girl sport?


What is the best girl sport in the world?

I did a vote at my school we have 6,893 people at our school 3,274 of them are girls 3,149 of them said softball is the best girl sport in the world.

Is rugby a girl sport?

both men and females play Rugby but it is predominately a male sport I disagree I am a girl and i am the top player in my team

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