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vickie was married to Eddie not to Chavo. Chavo is married to Susan and has two sons.

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Q: Did vickie guerrerro get a divorce with chavo?
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How old is Vickie Guerrerro?

Old enough to be dolphs mother xd

Is Adam Joseph copeland the husband of vickie guerrerro?

Only in the storyline.

Did the corre attack the smackdown general manager teddy long?

No. Vickie Guerrerro Did.

How are Chavo Guerrero and Vickie Guerrero related?

Vickie is the late Eddie Guerrero's widow. Eddie had an older brother Chavo (full name Chavito), who was much older. Chavo had a son who was more around Eddie age who they called Chavito Junior or Chavo for short. Chavo Jr is actually the Chavo you know now. So Chavo Guerrero is Vickie Guerrero's nephew by marriage.

Are chavo and vicky related?

Yes Chavo and Vickie are related. In real life Vickie married Eddie Guerrero and Eddie Guerrero is Chavo's uncle. Since Eddie died, Vickie has always been single. In wrestling as a part of a storyline, Edge is married to Vickie, which is not in real life.

Did chavo kiss vickie Guerrero's feet?

yes he did

Is WWE vickie the sister of WWE chavo?

No. She is his aunt.

Was Eddie Guerrero related to Chavo and Vicky Guerrero?

Yes Vickie was his real wife and Chavo was his real nephew

What year did vickie and Eddie guerrerro divorce?

Apparently it was around 2004. Just a fact, people. Bet your money on it! Try reading his book here is a fact for you they ere still married at the time of Eddie's death.

Is Chavo Guerrero related to Vickie Guerrero?

Yes, they are nephew and aunt.

Is Chavo Guerrero pist that Edge married Vickey Guerrero?

Chavo is pist off that Edge married Vickie and now he's even more pist off that Edge was just using Vickie for her power. In the future when they fight each other Chavo will win, doing the Gory Bomb!

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