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Q: Did vickie Guerrero marry edge in real life?
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Who is vickie Guerrero new husband?

the rated R superstar... Edge Vickie is not married! Her and EDge were never married in real life!!

Are chavo and vicky related?

Yes Chavo and Vickie are related. In real life Vickie married Eddie Guerrero and Eddie Guerrero is Chavo's uncle. Since Eddie died, Vickie has always been single. In wrestling as a part of a storyline, Edge is married to Vickie, which is not in real life.

Is vickie Guerrero married?

Yes she is married to Eric Escobar. No Vickie is not married to Eric or Edge those were just storylines in real life she is a widow

Is lita still with edge?

No, Lita retired from wrestling in 2006 and hasn't had anything to do with wrestling or Edge. On TV, Edge is married to Vickie Guerrero. In real life I believe he is single, not sure.

Is vickie Guerrero dating Eric?

yes Storyline yes, real life no

Which WWE wrestlers are married?

One example would be Triple H and Stephenie McMahon in real life. Another example would be Edge and Vickie Guerrero, but on TV.

Is edge really in love with vickie?

== == i don't know what you think but i think Edge really loves Vickie. He keeps saying she is the love of his life and i think he really means it. I don't know what you think but he must really love her to marry that crazy woman. NO!!!!!!!!!!!! he is just using her to get to the WWE or world heavyweight championship belts. now that vickie is not a manager any more, edge dumpes her and demands a divorce(they are married)

Will Edge and Vickie Guerrero ever break up?

Yes as all WWE Relationships usually do. May I state they arent dating in real life and I doubt she will never move on as she still loves her husband Eddie

What WWE superstars and divas married?

edge and vickie Guerrero and I think that's it. November 2009. Edge and Vickie were never married in real life it was storyline only!! The ones that are married in real life is Stephanie McMahon & Triple H. The ones dating Miz and Maryse, CM PUnk and former WWE diva Lita, John Morrison and Melina (they got back together April 2009)

Who is edge married too?

Edge in real life has been married twice and has been divorced twice. He was never married to Vickie that is just storyline

Are edge and vikki gerrio really married?

No, but in the fake WWE storyline, they were. Now they're divorced and enemies in the storyline. In real life, Edge has been married and divorced twice, but never with Vickie.

Life of amadis maria Guerrero?

what is the life of amadis ma. guerrero?

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