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no i thank undertaker did not kil his mom and dad

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โˆ™ 2010-06-21 03:57:51
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Q: Did undertaker kill his mom and dad?
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Did undertaker kill his dad?

no he did not kill hiss dad.

Who is undertakers mom and dad?

Mommy Undertaker and Daddy Undertaker.

What age did the undertaker kill his family?

undertaker did NOT KILL HIS FAMILY! Kane is his bro and paul bearer is his dad and they come quite often in smackdown his mom died peacefully..........and he has a wife and 3 children

How did undertaker and Kane mom and dad died?

in a fire

Does WWE undertaker and Kane have the same mom and dad?


Undertaker and Kane have same mom or dad?

yes sir.

Do the undertaker and Kane have the same mom?

Kane and undertaker have the same mom but not dad because Kane's real name is Glenn Thomas and the undertaker real name is Mark William so they don't have the real dad.

Did undertaker and Kane kill there mom?

no the Undertaker and Kane are not even real bros its just for WWE

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Yes, he does.

Do mom hamsters kill dad hamsters?


Who is undertakers real mom?

well we dont know but have ya seen what kain did he. burned his mom and dad grave. undertaker had tears in his eyes

Did Kane buryed undertaker?

NO WAY!!!! Ok when the undertaker was a little boy his mother or father died and his mom or dad married kanes mom or dad and that makes Kane undertakers step brother. And trust me I am his #1 fan in the whole entire world!! he is sooo hot!!

Did Mark William Calaway's -the Undertaker's - dad die?

yes undertaker's dad is dead

Did edge kill undertaker?

no edge did not kill the undertaker it seems like it but no

Did the undertaker really kill his family?


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It won't change and your mom will kill your dad

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Mom and step dad had a 32 year marriage step dad has no children you are your moms only son your mom died now step dad ingnores you are you entitled to inheritence?

kill your father.

Did Undertaker really kill his family?

Undertaker is living happily with his family. He did not kill anybody

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Who is The Undertaker's dad?

paul bearer

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the undertaker