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well i dont know but check on a nother website

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What did Tom Brady play?


How old was Tom Brady when he started to play profesional football?

how old was tom brady when he first started to play professional football

What sports does Tom Brady play?


When did Paul Cleary - American football - die?

Paul Cleary - American football - died on 1996-01-08.

When was Paul Cleary - American football - born?

Paul Cleary - American football - was born on 1922-02-07.

What inspired Tom Brady to play pro football?

who inspired tom brady

What has the author Mick Cleary written?

Mick Cleary has written: 'The Carling Years' -- subject(s): Rugby Union football, Rugby football players

Where did tom coughlin play college football?

Syracuse University

What is the name of the football stadium where England play football?

England play at wembley and there best player in history is Tom Cleverly he is amazing.

How many college football teams did Tom Brady play for?

Tom Brady was a quarterback for the University of Michigan

What NFL team does Emmett Cleary play for?

Emmett Cleary plays for the Oakland Raiders.

Does Tom Brady play professional football or basketball?

You're kidding right? Pro American Football.

What sports did Tom Brady play as a child?

Basketball, baseball, and football.

Did Tom Brady play football when he was a child?

He started in 9th grade.

What NFL football team did kicker tom dempsey play for?


What sports did Tom Brady play in high school?

Football and Baseball

What college football team did Tom Landry play for?

University of Texas

Did Tom Brady play baseball?

yes he did, but he left baseball to play football at the university of michigan

What position does Emmett Cleary play?

Emmett Cleary plays Offensive Tackle for the Oakland Raiders.

What NHL team does Daniel Cleary play for?

Daniel Cleary plays for the Detroit Red Wings.

Contact away from the ball with an opponet who is cleary not involved with a play is?

This would be a red card and the offending player being sent off by the football referee.

When did Tom Brady start to play football?

His freshman year in high school.

Why did Tom Brady play football?

anyone gonna answer

Did Tom Brady Sr ever play college or pro football?


Did Tom Brady plaY collage football?

Yes, he played for the Michigan Wolverines