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You're kidding right? Pro American Football.

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Q: Does Tom Brady play professional football or basketball?
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How old was Tom Brady when he started to play profesional football?

how old was tom brady when he first started to play professional football

What sports did Tom Brady play as a child?

Basketball, baseball, and football.

Did OJ Simpson play basketball?

OJ Simpson may have played basketball, but not professionally. He did play professional football.

Did Tom Brady's dad play professional football?

i don't really know if he made it

Did Tom Brady play basketball?

He played in high school but it was his worst of the three sports he played (football, basketball, and baseball)

What did Tom Brady play?


What sports does Tom Brady play?


What sport does Tom Brady play?


Can Bill or tom play football?

They prolly have in school but Tom prefers basketball and Bill doesn't prefer any. They aren't really that into sports.Yes. Infact, Bill Romanowski was a Former Denver Broncos NFL football player , and Tom Brady was an American collegiate and professional gridiron football quarterback.

Football or basketball?

Depends on whether you like football or basketball. I personally like basketball but I still like to play football.

What inspired Tom Brady to play pro football?

who inspired tom brady

Who can play basketball?

Everyone can play basketball if you have the dedication. Professional women players play in the Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) while professional men players play in the National Basketball Association.

Does Micheal Jordan play professional basketball anymore?

No of course Michael Jordan cannot play professional basketball anymore coz his to old enough to play basketball

Does Hank kendra play football or basketball?


Should i play basketball or football?

I say basketball because u can get hurt by play football. But if your better at football then u should play what u want.

Did Tom Brady play football?

anyone gonna answer

Degree you need to play basketball?

No degree is needed to play basketball or become a professional basketball player.

What is 10 athletes and the sport they play?

derek jeter baseball kevin durant basketball lebron james basketball tim tebow football josh hamilton baseball tom brady football a rod baseball carmelo anthony basketball ryan callahan hockey kobe bryant basketball

Did darius rucker play football?

No he did not ever play professional football

Do girls play basketball in Togo?

Usually, Girls play Football instead of playing basketball in Togo.The have a passion for Football.

What do the Portland trailblazers play?

Professional Basketball

What sports did nate Robinson play in college?

football baseball basketball track

How old do you have to be to play professional football?

You can start playing football as early as five years , but you must be eighteen years to play professional football.

What team did LeBron James play for in college football?

LeBron James is a professional basketball player. He never played college football, nor did he even attend college.

Can girls play professional football?