Did they play archery with guns?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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No. They play Archery with bows and arrows. They play with guns but change the name.

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Q: Did they play archery with guns?
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Is archery 'played' or 'practised'?

Archery is practised but not played, you shot archery you don't play archer

Was archery made before guns?

yes, by approximately 50,000 years.

Can men only play archery?

Archery is for both men and women

Where do they normally play archery?

no where

How do you qualify to play archery?

beginers course

What countries play archery at the Olympics?

brazil and america

What is it called to play with a bow?

It would be called archery.

Can ex felons own air guns in Arkansas?

Yes ,,if you ckeck there in no regulation on air gun ,crossbow or archery

Do you have to be a girl to play archery?

no who won NASP wolds A girl

What sports are popular sports in Tibet?

They do a lot of gambling, play archery, play polo, and soccer.

What do you play with the letter A?

Accordian Archery, Age Of Empires, Arcade games.

What do you call a girl who does archery?

An Archer. Just for the record, you do not "Play" at archery, it is a serious, highly skilled sport!