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The New York Giants won the NFC East in 2008 with a record of 12-4. The Cowboys were 9-7 and missed the playoffs.

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The Cowboys and the Eagles split their season's series in 2010.

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New York Giants

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Q: Did the dallas cowboys win the NFC east division in 2008?
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Who won the most NFC east division titles football?

Dallas Cowboys

Are the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC?

Yes ... with Washington, N Y Giants, & Philadelphia in the East Division.

What was the last two years the dallas cowboys won the NFC east division?

In 2007 and 2009.

What is the dallas cowboy's current standing in 2007-2008 NFL season?

As of November 5, the Cowboys' record is 7-1 and they are in first place in the East Division of the National Conference.

What football teams are NFC East Teams?

The NFC East is comprised of: Dallas Cowboys Washington Redskins New York Giants Philadelphia Eagles This division has changed over time, however. It used to be home to the Arizona (then St. Louis) Cardinals and the New Orleans Saints though they quickly vacated the division.

How many times has the NFC east been swept?

1998, the Dallas Cowboys swept the division. Eagles swept in 2004. As far as I know, that's it.

What division do the Cowboys play in?

The Cowboys play in the National Football Conference's East Division.

What rank are the cowboys in the NFC?

Through January 2, 2011, the Dallas Cowboys tied the Washington Redskins for third place in the NFC East. Both teams had 6-and-10 records, but the Cowboys had a better record in the division at 3-3.

Who won the NFC east in 1995 and 2009?

The Dallas Cowboys.

What were the Dallas Cowboys seasons records 2002?

The Cowboys record was 5-11 and they finished 4th in the NFC East

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers play the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium in 2011?

No. The Cowboys and the other teams in the NFC East will play the teams of the AFC East in 2011. The Cowboys and the Steelers are likely to play at Cowboys Stadium during the 2012 season.

Who is last team to go 8-0 in NFC East?

Dallas Cowboys