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No. The Cowboys and the other teams in the NFC East will play the teams of the AFC East in 2011. The Cowboys and the Steelers are likely to play at Cowboys Stadium during the 2012 season.

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2011-02-22 14:56:39
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Q: Did the Pittsburgh Steelers play the Dallas Cowboys at Cowboys Stadium in 2011?
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When did the Dallas Cowboys play the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2012?

The Dallas Cowboys played the Pittsburgh Steelers on December 16, 2012. The Cowboys won by the score of 27-24 in overtime. The game was played at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

Where was the first game the Dallas Cowboys played the Pittsburgh Steelers?

The first Dallas Cowboys versus Pittsburgh Steelers game was played in Dallas.

Which stadium was the site of the first matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers?

The Dallas Cowboys first met Pittsburgh Steelers in 1960 and played at the Cotton Bowl, which was the Cowboys home field for 11 seasons (1960-1971). It was also the Dallas Cowboys first game in the NFL.

Which team is worth more money the Dallas Cowboys or the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Even though the Cowboys have a better stadium, the Steelers still have more money...Cowboys 200 billion, Steelers 276 billion.

Which stadium is bigger dallas cowboys or Pittsburgh stellers?

Cowboys Stadium.

Did the Pittsburgh Steelers play the Dallas Cowboys in 2011 in Dallas?


Who is better the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Dallas Cowboys?

definitely COWBOYS. STEELERS all the way.

When did the Pittsburgh Steelers play in Tempe AZ?

Super Bowl XXX between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys was played at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, Arizona.

Dallas Cowboys super bowl losses?

Super Bowl V- Dallas Cowboys vs. Baltimore Colts. ---Cowboys(13)--Colts(16) Super Bowl X-Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers. ---Cowboys(17)--Steelers(21) Super Bowl XIII-Dallas Cowboys vs Pittsburgh Steelers.---Cowboys(31)--Steelers(35)

Who has been to the super bowl more times the Dallas Cowboys or the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Both the Dallas Cowboys and the Pittsburgh Steelers have appeared in eight Super Bowls.

Do the Dallas Cowboys have more championships than the Pittsburgh Steelers?

No. The Steelers have six Super Bowl championships and the Dallas Cowboys have five.

How many Super Bowls did the Dallas Cowboys and Pittsburgh Steelers win?

The Dallas Cowboys won 5 and the Steelers won 6.

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