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High school? College? Where?

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Q: Did the Spartans win the basketball game?
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Who do you think will win the basketball game?

Which game? I think I would win.

What is the objective of a basketball game?

The Objective of a basketball game is to score points and win the game.

What is the main objective of the basketball game?

to win

Why is basketball a team sport?

its a team game and coordination is required to win the game

how do i win a basketball game?

The Objective of a basketball game is to score points and win the game.

Who is going to win the Celtics and 76ers basketball game?

$1,000,000 says the celtics win it

How many points ahead do you have to be to win a basketball game?


What do basketball players do in games?

they play basketball, try to score baskets, and try to win the game :)

How did the Spartans win the war?

by winninf

Did Spartans or Athens win the war?

The Spartans won the Peloponnesian war, the only war between the Athenians and the Spartans.

Who can win on a game of one on one basketball Eric or Luis?

luis can

Will the lakes basketball team win their next game?

what kind of question is that

Do college basketball players get payed?

No.Yes only when they win the game.

How many points does a team have to score to win a basketball game?


How many points win a basketball game?

greater than your opponent's

What is the objective on a basketball?

The objective in basketball is to score points for your team to win. The team that has the most points wins the game.

Who would win in a fight vikings or Spartans?

Sad to say, but in a land battle the Spartans would likely win. The Vikings depended on striking terror into their enemies, and the Spartans were trained to be immune to such fear tactics.

Who has the longest winning streak in basketball NBA or College?

UCLA's 88 game win streak is the longest in mens basketball

Who has the current longest home win streaks in college basketball?

uconn womens team had a 87 game win streak

What are good names for basketball teams?

Spartans, fireballs, crushers, heroes, etc.

Did Xerxes fight the Spartans at Thermopylae and win?

No, they got beaten.

Does football involve more teamwork that basketball?

NO! because in basketball you need to pass it and rely on your team to make the ball in the basket and win the game

You must make 3 shots in a row to win the fair's basketball game The hoop is uneven and the backboard curved Only 5 players out of 100 win the game What percentage of players do not win?


Who would win in a basketball game with Ryan against trey?

It would be Trey/Troy because Ryan dosesn't even play basketball much.

How do you win your 1st basketball game of the year?

just play hard be aggresive and remember to have fun because even if you lose and you play a good game you might win next time