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The Cardinals did beat the point spread in the Super Bowl. The point spread was 6 and the Cardinals lost by 4 points.

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Q: Did the Cardinals beat the point spread in Super Bowl 2009?
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What is the the point spread in Super Bowl 2009?


When was the last time prior to 2009 that the Arizona Cardinals went to the Super Bowl?

The Arizona Cardinals have never been to the Super Bowl prior to 2009.

Who is playing at Super Bowl 2009?

The Steelers and the Cardinals.

Have the cardinals went to the super bowl before 2009?


When Have the cardinals ever made it to the super bowl?

2009 is the first time the Cardinals appeared in the Super Bowl.

Did the Arizona Cardinals win the Super Bowl in 2009?

No, they did not. The Steelers defeated the Cardinals 27-23 in Super Bowl XLIII.