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Lewis had the wbc, ibf and ibo titles as well as the ring magazine and linear championships, and he also held the wba strap for a while too.

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Q: Did lennox Lewis retire as the undisputed heavyweight boxing champion?
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Who is the undesputed champion heavy weight boxing1998?

Evander Holyfield was WBA / IBF champion in 1998. Lennox Lewis was WBC champion and also became Ring Magazine champion in '98. Lewis became undisputed champion in November 1999 after beating Holyfield.

Which Olympic boxing gold medal winner on to become the heavyweight champion of the world?

Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Leon Spinks, Michael Spinks, Lennox Lewis, Wladimir Klitscho?

Is Mike Tyson a two-time heavyweight champion of the world?

Tyson won his first title, the WBC heavyweight title, in 1986 when he TKOed Trevor Berbick in the second round. He won the WBA heavyweight title by beating Bonecrusher Smith by a unanimous decision in 1987. He then won the IBF heavyweight title by beating Tony Tucker in a unanimous decision, also in 1987. He became the 'undisputed' heavyweight champion of the world. Tyson lost the 'undisputed' title to Buster Douglas in 1990. He won back the WBC title from Frank Bruno and the WBA title from Bruce Seldon in 1996. He lost the WBA title to Evender Holyfield in 1997 and was stripped of the WBC title shortly after winning it for not agreeing to fight Lennox Lewis.

Who is hasim rahman?

former IBO IBF and WBC heavyweight champion and known for knocking out lennox lewis. Hes a Muslim boxer :)

Which fighter did Lennox Lewis beat to win his first Heavyweight Championship?

Nobody. Lewis was crowned WBC Heavyweight Champion after Riddick Bowe, who was the champion, refused to fight Lewis after Lewis defeated Razor Ruddock to become the WBC's #1 contender.

Who is the current ring magazine heavyweight boxing champion?

Vladimir Klitschko. The previous one was his brother Vitali before his last retirement. Prior to that, it was Lennox Lewis, who won it from Shannon Briggs, who took it from George Foreman, who took it from Michael Moorer, who took it from Evander Holyfield. Hope this helps.

Who defeated lennox Lewis first?

Hasim Rahman and Oliver McCall.But u didn't state he rematched them both, and won. Beat every man put in front of him.3 times world heavyweight champion "undisputed", Truly a pugalist specialist.And Rahmen was lucky Has-Been Rahman, an McCall cried for his momma.

Who was the heaviest boxing champ?

for a long time the biggest and heaviest heavyweight champion of the world was primo carnera. during the mid to late 90's though a new breed of heavyweight came through and regularly weighed in alot heavier - like riddick bowe, jorge luise gonzalez and lennox Lewis. i believe now though that the enormous nikolai valuev is both the tallest and heaviest ever world heavyweight champion. the first Russian to win the title - he stands over 7ft tall and weighs about 330lbs. he lost his title and unbeaten record earlier this year.

Who was the last heavyweight boxer to unify the division?

Lennox Lewis

How many three time heavywieght boxing champions are there?

Muhammad ali won the linear heavyweight title three times, and apart from that, evander holyfield won it 4 times, and lennox Lewis three times.

What title does lennox Lewis hold now?

Lennox retired in 2002 vacating the WBO Heavyweight Championship after beating Vitali Klitcho. Lennox has not had any titles since.

Who was the second to hold the heavyweight boxing title three times?

Evander Holyfield, and Lennox Lewis was the third, but Ali was the only one to hold the linear title three times (the championship that can be traced directly back to the beginning).