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No, it started in the 1924 Winter Olympics.

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Q: Did ice hockey in the Olympics first start in 1980?
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Related questions

What year did team Canada in ice hockey start at the winter Olympics?


Who were the gold medal winners of the 1980 Winter Olympics in ice hockey?

The United States won gold for ice hockey in the 1980 winter Olympics.

When was Women's Field Hockey introduced into the Olympics?

Women's field hockey was introduced into the Olympics in 1980 Summer Olympics held in Moscow.

Which country won the first women's hockey tournament in 1980?

Zimbabwe won the first gold medal in women's hockey at the 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics. Czechoslovakia won silver and USSR won bronze.

Who won the silver medal for ice hockey in the 1980 Olympics?


Is there Field Hockey in the Olympics?

Yes, it's very much in Olympics since 1908; except 1912 and 1924. Women's Field Hockey was included in Olympics in 1980.

What women's sport was added to the 1980 Summer Olympics for the first time?

Field hockey becomes a medal sport for women in the Olympics. The Zimbabwe women's field hockey team went undefeated to win the Olympic gold medal.

What was the date when Indian hockey team won gold in 1980 Olympics?

July 29, 1980.

What year did the US win the hockey championship in the Olympics?

1960 and 1980 were the only years that the US Men's Hockey Team won the gold medal at the Olympics.

When did India last win a gold medal in hockey at the Olympics?


Who won the 1980 Olympics?

Depends on what sport you are talking about. For hockey, my personal favorite, it was the US hockey team. They nicknamed it the Miracle on Ice.

What year did the US win the gold medal for hockey in the winter Olympics?

1960 and 1980

Which team won gold in ice hockey in 1980 winter Olympics?

The United States

Who did US beat in 1980 Olympics in hockey?

The United States beat the country of Finland.

What is 1980 US Winter Olympics Hockey team game Known as?

The Miracle Team.

When were women allowed to play hockey in the Olympics?

Ice Hockey: 1998 Winter Games in Nagano. Field Hockey: 1980 Summer Games in Moscow.

What team did the US hockey team beat to win the gold in the 1980 Olympics?

Soviet Union

What team did the US hockey team defeat for the gold metal in the 1980 Winter Olympics?


Which mens hockey team won the gold medal in the 1980 winter Olympics?

The United States.

Why was hockey played in the 1980 summer Olympics?

It wasn't, it was played in the 1980 Winter games. Until 1992, the Summer and Winter Olympics were held in the same year. After that, the Winter Olympics were set for 1994 and the two alternate each two years.

What team did the Soviet hockey team beat in the 1980 winter Olympics to win the silver medal?


Who won gold in men's ice hockey in the 1980 Olympics?

Team USA won this game. they beat finland.

What event became a symbol of the conflict of Cold War during the 1980 Olympics?

The men's ice hockey competition.

What year did the US beat the Soviets and win gold in ice hockey and where?

If you are talking about in the Olympics, 1980 in Lake Placid

What year did the US beat Russia at ice hockey?

The US hockey team beat Russia in the 1980 Olympics, which is featured in the 2004 movie Miracle. Thanks for using ChaCha