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no because people thought football was a waste of time

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โˆ™ 2011-11-19 17:14:25
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Q: Did football players make lots of money in the 1800?
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How much do football players eat?


Who makes more money soccer players or basketball players?

Soccer, since its the most famous sport in the world. Lots of spectators = Lots of Money.

What football player wears mercurial?

Lots of players including Cristiano Ronaldo and Didier Drogba.

What do football players do before running down the hill before a game?

Eat! They need lots of energy, no? :)

Why do professional sport players get lots of money which they use on trivial things?

why ask me why ask me

In Greece who are the most popular football players?

there are lots of popular players like a player called alec obrienapokalipls really weird name but he is really good i swear.

Do professional athletes earn their money?

Technicoly but they don't have to be very good players to earn lots of money. it kinda isn't fair.

Best team on fifa09?

personally its...Manchester United because they have a mix of really skilled players,young players and experienced players,also they have lots of money on manager mode

How much do hockey players make in Finland?

Lots of money. It all depends on how good you are and what team you play on.

How Major League Baseball players are important to the community?

Lots of ways! Baseball is America's pastime.. it's our sport. Not football, not basketball.. but baseball. It's the brand of the USA. Baseball players also help out with the community by donating a lot of their time and money to charities, and making charities themselves.

Why do baseball players make so much money?

They play a 162 game schedule with thousands of fans at each game and therefore the team makes lots of money and are able to pay more for players.

Italy in 1800's?

lots of rebellions

Why do good football players play in Europe?

There are various reasons. It is a very popular sport in Europe. Some of the best countries in world football are in Europe, so there are lots of good leagues there and it is a good place to play. Players get well paid in Europe.

Who is the best English football player?

There are lots of great players but George Best was the 'best' player. It is purely a matter of opinion and personal preferred.

Why do footballers drink lots of water at halftime?

Football players need to hydrate themselves so that they are physically able to continue to play the game.

Who are the best players in Football manager 2005?

Carlos Tevez, Kaka, Ronaldinho,Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi, lots more... lol

How do hockey players have such good flow?

Lots and lots of practice. :)

What kind of transportation did the Hopi use in the 1800?

lots of it

Do European football players use the term 20 past 4?

Some English speaking ones would, and not just football players. Lots of English speakers do. It means 20 minutes past 4 o'clock, so 4:20am or 4:20pm.

Why do football players get lots of money when they only kick a ball for 10-15 minutes?

They don't call it football for nothing. An extra point after a TD can be very important. Many a game has been won by one point. And more than one Super Bowl has been won by a field goal.

Why do people hate football?

lots of football players had injuries while playing football so when other people hear about their accidents the get scared to show their fearthey try to say any pathetic or bad rumors like i hate football or football is so easy no one like playing it

What does the word Menes mean?

money lots and lots of money

What soccer players were born in Brazil?

lots all the Brazil players :)

How much money does a professional volleyball player earn?

It depends on what team they play for, and how good they are. I'm sure that volleyball players earn lots of $$$, especially if they're one of the best players. :)

Steve McMahon is an American businessman most known for his involvement in which sport?

Steve McMahon is known for his involvement in football. He has been an avid investor in both players and teams. He is also rumored to have had lots of profits out of football.