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Some English speaking ones would, and not just football players. Lots of English speakers do. It means 20 minutes past 4 o'clock, so 4:20am or 4:20pm.

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Q: Do European football players use the term 20 past 4?
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Why do soccer players hate the term soccer?

Soccer/football players hate the term soccer as the correct and origanal name of the sport is football.However in America is called soccer as they have American football this is why the term soccer is disliked by the players

Why are American high school football players referred to as jocks?

The term "jocks" is thought to be derived from the personal protective equipment called the "jockstrap", which is worn by American Football Players. The term can be applied to any athletically-inclined male.

What does nutmegging mean?

It is a term used in English Football to describe the act of passing the ball between an opposition players legs.

What is the meaning of respect in football?

The term respect in football (soccer) was a term generated to cut done on verbal abuse of players and officials. It was noted by the International Football Association that there appeared to be increasing disrespect of match officials which they noted did not occur in rugby. IN Rugby referees are called sir (if male) or Madam (if female). The concept of RESPECT was to bring about change, stop players surrounding the officials and using offensive language.

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What does the Football term pig in a poke mean?

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In the English term, "football" means soccer. But The American term football is played with the hands And helmets on!

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Soccer is a British term used to describe football players who played Association Rules Football. Similarly, the term "rugger" referred to a player of Rugby Rules Football. The game played today around the world under the auspices of FIFA is based on Association rules, and is sometimes called Association Football. The term fell out of dominate use in Britain in the 1800s, but it continued to be used in the US and Canada, and even in Britain when discussing different types of football or among people who closely follow different types of football.

What does the term foot mercato translate to in English?

Foot Mercato translates in to English meaning football transfers. This is based around the game of soccer / football where a club does business to recruit or sell players to bolster their squad.

What does giving him the business mean in football?

Giving him the business is a slang term meaning someone is punching or kicking someone else. In football, that term could be used when the ball carrier has been tackled and after being tackled is punched or kicked or elbowed by one or more of the defensive players.

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The word prepared is already the past term - of prepare. The past term of harvest is harvested.

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Critics of the game, in particular football players (soccer) use this term as it does appear that a player is chasing an egg as it rolls randomly on the ground. Rugby players refer to it as the "Thugs game played by gentle folk".

Why is the nfl messing with the rules of the football game?

To increase player safety. With the players getting bigger and faster there are increased chances of long term/permanent brain damage.

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The term soccer officially changed to football on December 16, 2004

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