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i think the shoulder pads were made mandatory in the 1940's early 1950's not sure might have to look on Google

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Q: Did football have shoulder pads at all times?
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When was the shoulder pads invented?

1940s - Shoulder Pads invented for defencemen - not used by all players. if you were looking fo hocky shoulder pads

Are hockey shoulder pads smaller than football shoulder pads?

Yes. Hockey players are tougher, so they don't need all that padding even though they are falling on ICE. Hockey pads are for blocking shots mostly with a little impact protection.

What kind of equipment is needed to play football?

You need safety gear. Football helmet shoulder pads keen pads thigh pads tail bone pad hip pads mouth piece cleats are all must have for any football player So other stuff a player may want to wear are Gloves elbow pads forearm pads visors back plate

What do football players wear under their uniforms?

In Grid Iron They just wear a t-shirt then their shoulder pads then their jersy.In Australian football all they wear is their their jersy.All male football players wear groin cups.

What shoulder pads do lax pros where?

They usually do not wear any at all.

What is all the gear required to use in lacrosse?

helmet arm pads shoulder pads gloves and cleats and mouth guard

What do football players have to wear?

Protection and clothing you would find on a football player would include a helmet with a face mask and chin strap, mouth guard, shoulder pads, collar pads, neck pad or roll, forearm pads, a flak jacket or some sort of rib protection, hip pads, a girdle over an athletic supporter and cup, tailbone pads, thigh pads, knee pads, and cleats. Over all this padding would go the jersey top and pants.

What equipment do you need in American football?

You'll need: helmet facemask shoulder pads Knee, hip and thigh pads some people get a back pad, rib pad, or flack jacket mouth guard You can find all this here: or asa .com/equipment.htlm

How much do football shoulder pads weigh?

Shoulder pads and their weight depend on a series of factors...are they adult size or youth? Are they an ALL POSITION PAD or A VARSITY/COLLEGE pad? The short answer is probably 5-7 pounds. New technology is making the pads lighter while allowing for more range of motion and protection. If you need pads for a team....I suggest you call the guys at XO Sports (866 496 4327). They have these new pads called Gear Pro Tec Shoulder Pads that are the BOMB! Only available for high school play and up! Great range of motion and great team prices! Ask for Ellis if you can.

What are football shoulder pads made out of?

Most modern shoulder pads consist of a shock absorbing carbon fiber material with a hard steel outer shell. The pieces are usually secured by glue or thread that the user can use to adjust the size. These Shoulder pads are very much comfortable to wear and provides a cushion like feel to the player, it absorbs all shorts of pushes and actions. It has evolved in the course of time and became lighter than the bulkier one previously used.

What kind of gear do they use in football?

Football has a ton of equipment. The basics are helmet, shoulder pads, pad sets, and uniform. The folks at xo sports (866.496.4327) do a great job in helping me get all my gear every year! These guys know their stuff!

What are all the hockey equipment?

helmet (cage/visor mandatory) mouth guard neckguard shoulder pads elbow pads pants jock/jill shin pads socks skates Stick

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