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Yes Ricky Rudd drove a Wrangler car the same year.

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Q: Did anyone other than Dale Earnhardt Sr. drive the Wrangler car?
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Who were Dale Earnhardt Sr's sponsors in Nascar?

GM Goodwrench was Dale Earnhardt Sr's main sponsor when he drove for Richard Childress Racing. Dale Sr. also had Wrangler Jeans as a sponsor with Rod Osterlund and early on with Richard Childress. He had several other sponsors early in his career.

Is the 1999 Jeep Wrangler front wheel drive?

No. Wranglers are rear-wheel drive. They all came stock with 4-wheel drive though. The rear is not posi traction. One tire can spin while the other seems to stay still.

What other cars have same rearend as 93 jeep wrangler 3.07 gear ratio?

Jeep Wrangler only,

What other wheels will fit your 1995 jeep wrangler?

Any Wrangler wheel will fit, the bolt pattern has not changed

Who are Dale Earnhardt Jr's other sponsors besides AMP and National Guard?

The National Guard and Diet Mountain Dew are Dale Jr's primary sponsors for his #88 car. Several other sponsors include AMP Energy, Hellmann's,, Go Daddy, Nationwide Insurance, Degree for Men and Wrangler.

What other Jeep Wrangler soft tops are compatible with a 1994 Jeep Wrangler?

Al YJ's are compatible, 89-95

Can you sell a car knowing the other person can not register?

As long as you have clear title can sell to anyone. Whether they can drive it or not or what they do after is on them.

What other vehicles will 2010 jeep wrangler wheels fit on?

Pretty much any other Wrangler, some fords, older Cherokee's It is 5x113cm, very common.

What other vehicle wheel will fit on a 94 jeep wrangler 4x4?

Any Cherokee, YJ or TJ model wrangler will work

Will Dale Earnhardt Jr win the championship?

He has as good a chance as the other drivers do.

When did Wrangler Bullfighting start?

In 1980 Wrangler sponsored the Wrangler Jeans Bullfighting Tour. Rodney Smets has won more Bullfighting Championships than any other bullfighter with a total of five.

How to fix a clutch fan on a 98 Jeep Wrangler?

If you take off the spring in the front and move the pin the other way (then put spring back to lock it there) should become direct drive

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