Did Troy Polamalu play against the Cincinnati Bengals?

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Q: Did Troy Polamalu play against the Cincinnati Bengals?
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What team was Troy Polamalu's first touchdown scored on?

It was against the Cincinnati Bengals on October 3, 2004. Troy intercepted Carson Palmer and returned it for a 26 yard touchdown.

When was Troy Polamalu's first interception touchdown?

That was October 3, 2004 in a game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Polamalu intercepted a Carson Palmer pass and returned it 26 yards for a TD for the final score in the Steelers 28-17 victory.

Will Troy Polamalu play the next game against the Baltimore Ravens?

Troy Polamalu played in the October 3, 2010 game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Did Troy Polamalu play against the Oakland Raiders in 2009?

Troy was not active for the game against the Raiders.

What is the birth name of Troy Polamalu?

Troy Polamalu's birth name is Troy Aumua Polamalu.

Who is Suila Polamalu?

Suila Polamalu is the mother of American Football player Troy Polamalu

What is Troy Polamalu's race?

Troy Polamalu is the starting strong safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who are Troy Polamalu's parents?

No, he was born in California and is of Samoan descent.

Who is better troy polamalu or bob sanders?

Troy Polamalu

Is Troy Polamalu Greek?

No. Troy Polamalu is of Samoan descent.

Is Troy Polamalu Jewish?

No. Troy Polamalu is an Orthodox Christian.

What nicknames does Troy Polamalu go by?

Troy Polamalu's middle name is Aumua.