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Q: Did South Carolina win against Georgia today in college basketball?
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What is the best basketball college?


List of alltime college basketball wins?

North Carolina

What are the longest college basketball rivalries?

Duke and North Carolina

Why is the Conference South so important?

The Conference South is very important to the college basketball circuit. The Conference South includes a few states like Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

Who are the top ten teams in college basketball championships?

North Carolina

What sport is famous in NC?

College basketball is famous in North Carolina.

Who won 2009 college basketball national championship?

North Carolina

What team one the last college basketball championship?

North Carolina

In which state did Tim Duncan play college basketball?

North Carolina

Which state did Tim Duncan play college basketball?

North Carolina

What is longest college basketball away game losing streak against one team?

The longest Division I Basketball road losing streak against one team now belongs to Clemson, which has lost 49 straight at North Carolina.

What is Georgia's major sports team?

Atlanta Hawks - basketball Atlanta Braves - baseball Atlanta Falcons - football Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets - college Georgia Bulldogs - college Georgia Southern eagles - college

Which colleges in Georgia have NCAA basketball teams?

"There are several colleges that are part of the NCAA but not all of them participate in NCAA basketball. The ones I did find was Berry college, Emory University, Covenant College, Lagrange COllege, Oglethorpe University, Piedmont college, Augusta State College, Valdosta State College, Georgia College & State University, Georgia State College, and Clark Altlanta University."

Which college has produced the most pro basketball players?

The University of North Carolina

Where did Michael Jordan play college basketball?

North Carolina he was a Tare Heel

What is the best college basketball team ever?

The North Carolina Tar Heels.

What college basketball program has the most players with an nba title?

North Carolina

What city is UNC's college basketball team from?

They are from Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Which team sport did Marion Jones represent her college 'North Carolina'?


What college basketball team did vince carter play for?

He played at North Carolina

What college basketball team did Micheal Jordan play for?

University of North Carolina

Where did Josh Powell play college basketball?

Josh Powell played college basketball for North Carolina State University from 2000-2003. He went undrafted after college and most recently played professional basketball in Greece.

What all the basketball teams in the Atlantic coast conference?

Duke University of North Carolina North Carolina State Wake Forest Maryland Virginia Clemson Boston College Floridia State Miami Virginia Tech Georgia Tech

Who shot the first 3-pointer in College Basketball?

Ronnie Carr of Western Carolina

Which ncaa college basketball had the most wins in 2008 season?

The North Carolina Tarheels.