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Q: Who are the top ten teams in college basketball championships?
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Who won the most basketball big ten championships?


What professional basketball teams are in Illinois?

Chicago BullsThe Illinois Fighting Illini men's basketball team is an NCAA Division I college basketball team competing in the Big Ten Conference.

How many college basketball teams make the NCAA touurnament?

Over the years the NCAA tournament has expanded to include more and more teams. Today, the total number of teams that make the tournament stands at 68.

Who is the best ncaa basketball team over the last ten years?

That would probably be North Carolina. They have had many solid teams and have won championships. They also were always ranked high in the AP/USA Today polls.

What states have best college basketball teams?

id say Indiana, Ten., and North Carolina Indiana-Indiana, Notre Dame, Purdue, Butler Ten.-Memphis, Tennesse, Vanderbelt North Carolina- UNC, and Duke

What are the top ten college swim teams?

AUBURN and Texas

How many times has Wisconsin been to the final four?

The Wisconsin Badgers Men's Basketball team has a total of 19 Big Ten Championships. (17 Regular Season Championships, two Conference Tournament Championships)

Who won the last ten championships?

Ten championships of what? =\ --Ciarro

How many big ten championships have Minnesota mens basketballhad?

Minnesota has won 9 regular season Big Ten men's basketball regular season championships: 1906, 1907, 1911, 1917, 1919, 1937, 1972, 1982, 1997 Minnesota forfeited the 1997 title due to NCAA sanctions. Minnesota has not won a Big Ten men's basketball tournament.

Who is the College basketball player with ten dunks in one game?

Quincy Acy from Baylor

What college basketball coach has most wins past ten years?

coach K

How many college basketball teams are there in the BCS?

ACC has 12 teams, Big 12 12 teams, Big East 16 teams, Big Ten 11 teams, PAC 10 10 teams, and SEC 12 teams. So 73 teams for 2010-11 season.