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Q: Did Randy Orton ever kiss kelly kelly?
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Did kelly kelly kiss randy ortan?

No. Randy Orton is happily married and is not in any relationship with Kelly

Did cena ever kiss kelly kelly?

no, randy orton actually confirmed that in an interview! He said Kelly Kelly had been with a lot of wwe superstars but Cena, who is "happily married" wasnt one of them!

Did Randy Orton kiss kely kely?


Did Randy Orton kiss maryse before?


Did john cena kiss Randy Orton?

Randy Orton is married and has a daughter and john cena is apparantly engaged

When did Randy Orton kiss maryse?

Awesome I never now that they have kissing

Did Randy Orton ever kiss Trish Stratus?

On the cheek, yes. Trish and Randy are great friends. There are many pictures of them together. But they're only great friends. Nothing more.

Why did randy orton kiss stepanie?

No one really knowz but he probably did that to make HHH jealous when he tied him up 2 da ring.

Did kelly kelly kiss maryse?


How was kelly kelly's first kiss?

what kind of question is this

Did john cena kiss kelly kelly?

Yes they did