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Q: Did Peter Tetteroo of Tee Set have siblings?
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How did Peter Tetteroo of Tee Set die?

Sadly Tetteroo died of liver cancer in September 2002.

Did Peter Tetteroo of the Dutch group Tee Set every marry and have children?

No he never married and have no children anymore qestions I know eveything only me englisch is bath By ingrid

Song from late 60's or early 70' Bell ami?

Ma Belle Amie by Tee Set. the group was from Holland: Peter Tetteroo, Hans Van Eijck, Dill Bennicnk, Franklin Madjid, and Joop Blom.the song went to number 5 in February 1970

Is there a set distance in which the tee should be set on the tee box?

There is no minimum distance between tee and green in golf, but most holes are at least 50 yards from the front tees.

Which American pop singer set up a record company called Jay Tee Records?

Justin Bieber

Who sings my bellamy from the 60's?

Tee Set

What sport uses a tee?

Golf! In golf, you use the tee, to set your ball on it, then you hit the ball with your selected club.

In golf After missing the ball can you re set the ball on a tee off a tee?

You cannot reset the ball at all without taking a penalty.

How are tee times set the last two days of a PGA tournament?


How far apart are bases in tee ball?

Tee ball is a sport to help introduce children to baseball and is geared towards players ages 4 to 6. The bases in tee ball are set 50 feet apart.

Tee time merchandise answers?

tee Time merchandise is apractice set for Accounting. Its a way to keep track of a business using the accounting skills that your learning in class

How many word can you make out of the last name Peters?

peter, pet, pets, teer, set, rest, tee, tees, see, seer, pee, pees, peer, peers, step, rep, reps, steer, steep, pest, seep, tree, trees.