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No, never, as we all call it "The loosers cup".

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Q: Did Manchester united play in eufe cup?
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Manchester united namanja vidic will play in what country in the world cup?


Did peter beardsley play Manchester united?

yes once in league cup tie

Who are you have won champions league uefa cup super cup premier league and play in premier league?

Manchester United

How many cup Manchester United win over all?

Manchester united win fortyeight cup over all

What year did Manchester United win their first FA Cup?

Well ... Manchester United first won the F.A cup in the year 1890!

Is Manchester United going to the FIFA World Cup 2010?

National teams participate in FIFA World Cup. Manchester United is a Football club.

Did the man you soccer team play in the soccer world cup?

fistly did you mean man u as in Manchester united? if fyou did then the answer is no because only countries play in the soccer world cup

Against whom did Manchester united play to win the 1968 and 1999 champions league?

Manchester United defeated Inter Milan in 1 966, and Bayern Munich in 1999 , to win the champion league cup.

What is Manchester United's World Cup ranking?

Manchester United don't enter the World Cup they're a club therefore they cannot have a world cup ranking. Surely the person who asked this is American.

Who won fa cup in 2009?

Manchester united

Is Manchester United playing in the 2010 world cup?


What is the best team in the FA cup?

Manchester United