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Q: Manchester united namanja vidic will play in what country in the world cup?
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Is Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic a solder?

No, but he is the Manchester United captain.

Who you the captain of Manchester united 2012?


Who is captain of Manchester united at the moment?


Who plays number 15 for Manchester united?


Who is the captine for the Manchester united 2011?

Nemanje Vidic

Who is the Manchester United captain for the 2011 season?

Nemanja Vidic

Who is the current captain of Manchester united 2012?

Nemanja Vidic :)

Is vidic playing for Manchester United now?

Yes, as of 3/1/10 he is still a Manchester United player.

Who is the present captain of Manchester united football club?

Nemanja Vidic

Which Manchester united player wears the number 15?

The great Nemanja Vidic.

Who is the present Manchester united centre back?

The present Manchester Uniteds center back is Rio Ferdinand and Vidic.

Is Dani Alves going to Manchester United in the 2010 summer if Vidic goes to Barcelona?