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Q: Did Kevin Campbell ever play for everton?
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For what club does Kevin Mirallas play?

As of June 2014, Kevin Mirallas plays for Everton, a club in England.

Did Kevin Campbell play in an episode of the original Twilight Zone?

If Kevin Campbell played in an episode of 'The Twilght Zone' he was uncredited .

Will loinel messi ever play for everton?

No he wont!

When did baseball player Kevin Campbell play?

Kevin Campbell debuted on July 19, 1991 and played his final game on May 13, 1995.

Which city does Everton FC play in?

Everton play in Liverpool.

Did Earl Campbell ever play baseball in college?


The only player to ever play for Liverpool man utd everton and man city?

Only Gary Stevens.

When and where did baseball player Kevin Campbell play?

Kevin Campbell debuted on July 19, 1991, playing for the Oakland Athletics at Oakland Coliseum; he played his final game on May 13, 1995, playing for the Minnesota Twins at Hubert H Humphrey Metrodome.

Did Wayne Rooney play for everton vs Liverpool?

Yes as he started his career with ever ton so he played with Liverpool.

Who oldest player to play for Everton?

I think it was nigel martyn he was 38 when he retired at everton

Did Kevin mccloud ever play steel guitar for Merle haggard?


Did Kevin Garnett ever play for the Lakers?

Kevin Garnett never played for the Lakers. He played for the Minnesota Timberwolves and for the Boston Celtics.

Who did Wayne Rooney play for before Manchester united?

In Everton. He used to be the top striker for Everton

What team did Wayne Rooney play for before everton?

Dynamo Brownings, though everton was his first professional club

What team does Tim Howard play for?

Tim Howard is now playing for Everton. he joined Everton from Manchester united.

Did Glen Johnson play for everton?

I do not think he played for Everton . He played for West Ham, Portsmouth and now Liverpool.

What clubs did Peter Barnes play for?


Where do everton play?

Goodison Park Liverpool

Where does Everton play?

Goodison Park :D

Who do Liverpool play in the Merseyside derby?


What team does Phil Neville play for?


Does Rooney play for everton?

no, man united

Where do everton play football?

Goodison Park.

Did Kevin Garnet ever play for the Milwaukee bucks?

naw he played for the minnesota timber wolves

Which football club did Steven Pienaar play for?