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Q: Did Earl Campbell ever play baseball in college?
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Who were the two best runningbacks in the NFL ever?

Walter Payton, Earl Campbell

What is the best college team ever?

The University of Texas is by far the best college ever they have had the best running backs of all time earl Campbell and Ricky Williams and they have the cest scrambling quarterback Vince Young and the quarter back who has the most wins Colt McCoy

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Did earl ever gain over 100 yards against the steelers?

Yes ... Earl Campbell had one 100 yard rushing day against the Steelers, that coming on December 10, 1979 when he rushed for 109 yards in an Oilers 20-17 win.

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Not likely, that...

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no yet but there is one in college 2008

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Earl Campbell, Gary Brown, and Eddie George were the best running backs the Oilers ever had. Eddie George did play in Houston before the team moved away.

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They already did in 2006 and 2007 NCAA Baseball. Decided not to renew their contract in January 2008

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Did you EVER WENT to college?

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